DLR Wave B 2018

Character Back Silhouettes

CHIP N DALE HMP 2018_edited.png
PLUTO  HMP 2018_edited.png
Goofy HMP 2018_edited.png
Donald HMP 2018_edited.png
Minnie HMP 2018_edited.png


MICKEY HMP 2018_edited.png
Mickey Chaser  HMP 2018_edited.png

Kakamora Coconuts

kakamora pin 3 2018 _edited.png
kakamora pin 6 2018 _edited.png
kakamora pins 5 2018 _edited.png
kakamora pin 4 2018 _edited.png
kakamora pin 1 2018 _edited.png


kakamora pin 2 2018 _edited.png
kakamora pin Chaser 2018 _edited.png

Princess Silhouettes

Snow White hmp 2018 _edited.png
Ariell hmp 2018 _edited.png
Beauty hmp 2018 _edited.png
Cinderella Profile hmp 2018 _edited.png
Cinderella hmp 2018 _edited.png
Rapunzel hmp 2018_edited.png
rapunzel chaser hmp 2018 _edited.png


WDW Wave B 2018

The Seven Dwarfs

dwarfs hmp grumpy 2018_edited.png
dwarfs hmp Sneezy 2018_edited.png
dwarfs hmp Doc 2018_edited.png
dwarfs hmp Dopey 2018_edited.png
dwarfs hmp happy 2018_edited.png
dwarfs hmp Sleepy 2018_edited.png
dwarfs hmp Bashful 2018_edited.png
dwarfs hmp Happy Chaser 2018_edited.jpg

Maui Tattoos

moana tattoo_edited.png
Maui and Eagle _edited.png
moana maui pins kite_edited.png
Maui Hook Island _edited.png


moana maui pins snake_edited.png
Maui hook_edited.png
moana chaser_edited.png
HMP 2018 Wave A.jpg
WDW 2018 Wave B_edited.jpg
DLR 2018 Wave B.jpg
WDW DLR 2018 WAVE B .jpg
mickey silloute.jpg