Completer Pins

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DLR  2018

kakamora pin 1 2018 _edited.png
Minnie HMP 2018_edited.png
DLR mickey minnie kissing 2018 completer
Cinderella hmp 2018 _edited.png
pooh completer.jpg
kuzco llama Completer.jpg
lightning mcqueen completer.jpg
Post Office completer 2018 dlr.jpg

WDW  2017

Attraction Icons

Tower of Terror Completer PIn.png

Tower of Terror

Fruit Icons 

Rasberry Completer 2017.png


Smiling Disney Villains

Chernabog Completer 2017.png


"The Lion King" Characters

Ed hyena Complter pin 2017.png

Ed Hyena

Disney Dog Bones

Percy Dog Bones Completer 2017.png


DLR   2017

Fruit Icons

Minnie Pink Grapfruit 2017.png

 Pink Grapefruit Minnie

 Attraction Icons 

Captain Hook Completer 2017.png

 Peter Pan's Captain Hook

"The Jungle Book" Characters

Haithi jr completer.png

Haithi Jr 

Restroom Signs

CHeshire cat completer 2017.png

Cheshire Cat


Outer Space Characters

Mickey Mouse 

Mickey Space Suit Completer 2015_edited.

Disney Villain Neckties

Captain Hook 

Captain Hook Villain Neckties Completer
mickey silloute.jpg